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latest music — 24 dec 2023
collected recordings from a past self.

circa january '22, from the 2nd to the 31st; pianos provided by my sister, parents, and university

available on bandcamp & soundcloud
'24 feb 27: Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels
unapologetic, seriously adventurous in its main two voices, and a bombshell start to a legendary duo; it's not nearly consistent enough to warrant no-skip future listens, but its peaks are jaw-dropping
'24 feb 27: Black Metal – Dean Blunt
it starts wonderfully strong, seamlessly fusing dean's somber and willful voice with gorgeous, layered instrumentals—up until the fittingly-titled 'forever', thereafter the quality only blips up occasionally
'24 feb 21: Slide – George Clanton
a wonderfully hypnotic and nostalgic fusion of vaporwave aesthetics and oddball pop fun, even if its middle jolts back and forth a bit in an off-kilter way—but its majority is atmospherically lush

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