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latest music — 24 dec 2023
collected recordings from a past self.

circa january '22, from the 2nd to the 31st; pianos provided by my sister, parents, and university

available on bandcamp & soundcloud
'24 jun 7: BRAT – Charli XCX
runs like a punchy, immediately impactful set of greatest hits; apple may be the only track that sticks out, with every other track being a sprint of emotional tangents at a drug-fueled rave
'24 jun 5: Odelay – Beck
all that made beck an alt weirdo anti-anti-outsider is turned in on itself here for an incomprehensible genre fusion; disjointed, as it should be, and upliftingly tinged with a journeyman zeal
'24 jun 5: Teen Dream – Beach House
even if there's still a little more to be desired, something to shake up the second half bar its incredible closer, the first half is almost spotless, wonderfully drenched in a distinct, colorful wash
———————— best lists ————————
  • Real House – Adrianne Lenker
  • Idioteque – Radiohead
  • Hacker – Death Grips

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